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Q Apartment emerged as a business establishment in 1996, with its registered office at 13 New North Street, London WC1N 3PJ, UK. Gradually, it redefined the concpet of tourist accommodation across London, Sao Paolo, Scandanavia and Copenhagen. It provides serviced apartments wrapped with unbelievable level of comfort, luxury, cosiness and privacy at an unbelievable reasonable rate in contrast to conventional hotels.

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Make Your London Tour Unforgettable With Serviced Apartments


Serviced apartments in London are gaining high demand among different segment of people due to their desired services and budget preferences. These rentals are the most sought after consideration today when compared to traditional hotels. When tourist looks for the comfortable and good accommodation by taking into consideration budget factors, rentals in London are considered to be luxurious as well as affordable. Check out some reasons why you should choose serviced apartments over other options.

Excellent location: In order to compete with hotel and luxury resort services, rental accommodation are intentionally built at some better locations that bring more customers to avail their services. Short stay apartments in London could be your dream due to the level of comfort that the place offers, to one and all. Even in London, there are various local beauties that will add up to make your view for the destination more appealing.

Value for money: The compelling factor of choosing serviced apartment is that it is more spacious than any hotel. Also, these rentals have separate bedroom, living space, dining room and well-equipped kitchen. Besides these infrastructural facilities, you may get LED television, freezer, washer/dryer, Intercom access and other facilities that will make your stay comfortable as well as cozy.

Consider economic factor: There are various reasons why London serviced apartment rates are lower than hotel rooms. Some of these are:

Maid services are generally less needed than the hotels. Cost savings and rents are acquired by the apartment operators that result in reduction of prices.

Serviced apartments do not have restaurants, whereas hotels claim that they have at least one. Due to this, the supplements needed for restaurants are not available that makes the rate affordable to the visitors as well as travelers.

Most hotels provide breakfast and take the charges accordingly. On the other hand, people residing in serviced apartments have the choice to prepare their own food in the well-equipped kitchen or can purchase it from the nearby café.

Hotels offer staff service that could be for 24 hours in a day which includes reception staff and security. On the other hand, rentals have fewer staff that reduces your money in some way.

Apart from such factors, laundry bills, room service, Internet facility come at cheaper rates. As such, serviced apartments in London could give you all such facilities and amenities at an affordable cost.



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